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With our dedicated team you can count on us to give you the best experience & services.


Technical Manager &

Lead Engineer


Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, Matt has multiple skills that can be used to cater your event from conseption right throught to the final event.


Wether your in the planning phase or you know exactly what you want Matt can help you bring your ideas to life.


Matt has grown up from a early age at events and has many skills ranging from sound systems, lighting, special effects, filming and electrical installation & testing for which he can use.

Matt's vast experience means he can turn his passion for all things sound and vision to making your event run smoothly.



Office Manager &

Event Technician


Having worked on many events over the years with Matt, Chloe is familiar with the rigging and operation of several different types of audio visual systems.

Chloe runs the office and deals with all the invoicing and purchasing.


When Chloe is let out of the office, she comes to events and has experience with controlling the sound systems and many different lighting effects used in events. 


Whether it is filming a research session or a wedding Chloe has enough knowledge to film and operate both still image or video cameras aswell.



Trainee Engineer


born on the

15th January 2024 weighing 7lb 3oz.

William does not have any skills in AV yet.

However his training has already begun and will attend events when appropiate.

William enjoys his bottle, napping and loves to have a cuddle.

William keeps Chloe & Matt busy (Mainly Chloe) and has created a great bond with Jethro

Like his father William will grow up at events but Matt is keen he chooses his own path and will be down to him if he continues the business for a 3rd generation


Team Mascot


Having been with the team since January 2016, Jethro has been a major team moral boost.


Jethro has lots of experience with many different chew toys and ways of sleeping.


Whether it is going for walks or enjoying a nap, Jethro can help raise the moral around the office.

Although Jethro does not have any technical skills, his playful nature means he always wants to say 'hello' if he comes to events.

Jethro is a Terrier cross and was born in 2011. 

if it is food or tennis ball related he is the go to member of our team

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